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Dr. Med. Vassilis Ghegas books

From 1984 to 2000 Dr. Med. Vassilis Ghegas has given a practical course in classical homeopathy during 25 weeks of teaching.

Dr. Med. Vassilis Ghegas teaches classical homeopathy as it occurs in its diversity in daily practice: both constitutional long-term treatment and homeopathic treatment of serious acute situations where the constitutional remedy is obstructed, both well-reacting cases and those which are totally obstructed. Besides, he explains how to recognize essential characteristics of remedies in patients. In all the above, he uses the materia medica of Dr. Med. James Tyler Kent and Dr. Med. William Boericke.

The didactic qualities of Dr. Med. Vassilis Ghegas are really unique: he puts forward a very complicated matter in a simple way, so that it is practicable and comprehensible to everyone. All his lectures together form an excellent unity because each lecture complements another.

In order to maintain the information provided by Dr. Med. Vassilis Ghegas, Dr. Med. Fons Vanden Berghe conceived the idea of recording his lectures in a systematic way, on the basis of his own notes. This has already happened with all the lectures since 1984. In Dutch language the totality of lectures is available. In English language 10 books are ready and the rest is being translated one by one.

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